Dan (malbec) wrote,

Malbec's political prediction of the day

David Cameron will get ousted from the Conservative party in the not to dim and distant future to be replaced by John Redwood. The party will then shift further to the right, much to the delight of everyone that's ever muttered any/all of the following phrases:

  • Closed borders

  • You couldn't make it up

  • Bring back (capital punishment | The birch | National service)

  • It stands to reason that...

  • Do-gooders

  • Political correctness gone mad

  • Scrap the license fee and shut down the BBC

  • I'm not racist, but...

  • We need Sarah's Law and we need it now

  • If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear

  • I read it in the (Daily Mail | Daily Express | The Sun)

  • They should tear up the Human Rights Act. We don't need it

So that's something to look forward to...
Tags: cameron, redwood, tory

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