Dan (malbec) wrote,

Switching from iPhone to Android - Part 1 - Introduction

I've just bought an HTC Desire. I am currently an iPhone user. I've decided to chronicle my switch from one platform to another as it may help others to make an informed decision as to whether they want to switch too. I am going to try to keep mainly to functional changes rather than 'this is more pretty' type comments as design is a very subjective thing. To start with, here's a little background to help you decide if what I have to say will be of any value to you. I have no idea what I'll find and have no pre-conceptions. All I have is a shiney new phone sitting on my desk.

I'm a programmer by trade. I am not an Apple fanboy (quite the opposite. I think they're a bad company). I have had an iPhone 3G for 2 years. What I look for in a smart phone are:

  1. Ability to make receive phone calls (I don't make very many myself, but it's nice to hear people's voice from time to time

  2. Ease of sending SMS messages. I send a few

  3. Good calendering software. This is the main reason I first bought an iPhone. I have my life stuffed into a Google Apps account

  4. Good music playback. I never leave the house without my headphones.

  5. A good RSS reader. It's nice to read things on the tube into work

  6. Err, that's it

I originally purchased an iPhone because all the above boxes were ticked. To be honest, they still are, but there are several reasons why I'm switching:

  1. The battery in my iPhone now lasts much less than a full day. I cannot replace it myself. I want a phone that I can switch the battery out of easily should it become old and unreliable

  2. I'm sick of Apple's 'walled garden' philosophy. I'll decide what's best for me, not them... And I have by switching. We'll see if I'm right or wrong

  3. I want proper multi-tasking. I'm jelous of my wife's old HTC Hero that can download RSS feeds in the background

  4. After installing iOs 4 on my iPhone it became more and more unreliable, locking up from time to time, to the point that it is often not possible for me to receive phone calls. If a phone can't do this, it's not a phone.

I was waiting for the iPhone 4. I figured that it'd be cool. Hearing about the ariel problems has put me right off that. Along with it not being very much of an upgrade.

So, I'm ready to take the plunge. More updates to follow...

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