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Yesterday was the company picnic. I got really paranoid being around loads of people that I didn't know and consequently sat silently and the left early. I went home and felt unhappy and too hot.


This morning I'm off down to sunny Southend. I should probably set off soon.
evil geeza

Juno Download - Live

Right this instant, http://www.junodownload.com has gone live. It's a digital only version of Juno for all you people out there that are only really interested in buying good music on MP3/WAV/M4A.

So check it out. You might be able to get some old classics or some new and upfront stuff that you like!

My tip for the top has to be SENOR COCONUT & HIS ORCHESTRA - Fiesta Songs
evil geeza

Juno Player hits the streets

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a new mp3 playing device for Juno Records. The idea is quite simple. The site used to just let you download playlists to your mp3/wma player that you could then go backwards and forwards through to your hearts content. The problem was that the plays (Winamp most noticeably) doesn't give a toss about the ID3 tags in mp3s when they are streaming via an m3u file. So even though the names of the tracks were in the playlist file and displayed nicely, when Winamp came to play the file it would then revert to the file name (which is a code rather than something nice and human readable). Bad and sucky Winamp!

So, like I said, I've been busy writing a player that opens in a browser window and looks all pritty and stuff. As the tracks change it updates the information that you can see about them (With a nice 'add to cart' button should you wish to buy what you're listening to. I'm pretty proud of it. I'm not a Javascript programmer by any stretch of the imagination so this has been an uphill struggle for me (in fact, it's the 3rd thing I've ever done with Javascript).

There are bugs too... For example, when the track changes the new info is loaded in. When the new info is loaded in the window jumps froward, stealing keyboard focus. I've not found a nice way around this yet. Also, it only works with IE5+ on Windows with Windows Media Player 7+ installed. (There is a RealPlayer version that works with Mozilla but I'm still working on that one as RealPlayer has some very annoying traits to it (such as not being able to forward on to specific tracks in a playlist)).

Anyway... Have a peek and laugh if you're interested. Just go to any Juno product list page such as this and hit the 'Juno Player' link. I hope to make it better over the coming weeks/months so if you've anything constructive to say about it then please let me know and I'll get cracking! :-D